A Digital Tattoo Measures Blood Glucose in Diabetes

I’ve been saying that the goal is not have as many wearables on our body as we can put on ourselves, but to measure vital signs and health parameters when we need it in a comfortable way. Here is a digital tattoo that can measure glucose levels. The proof-of-concept study was just published and it’s […]

Google And Novartis Tracking Diabetes With Smart Contact Lenses

A few months ago I discussed the future features of smart contact lenses. Now using these to augment vision or track health parameters is not only a good idea any more, as Google launched a partnership with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop smart contact lenses that can track diabetes by measuring blood glucose levels in […]

Data in Diabetes

As a physician and genomics researcher, I’m a man of data so I loved to see the approach of Dan Hon regarding type 2 diabetes and the data he acquired every day about himself which helped him get better. He resolved to do something about it. Being a geek, he decided to measure and quantify […]

Best 30 Diabetes Twitter Channels of 2012

Webicina features the best Diabetes Twitter channels of 2012! Twitter users represent either diabetes organizations and groups; or people affected by this condition. The list is curated which means medical professionals and e-patients helped choose the most relevant channels.

The 2009 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge: The Winners

Amy Tenderich at DiabetesMine organized a unique event again so the The 2009 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge was a real success. Here are the winners. Grand Prize Winner (10.000$): Most Creative Winner (5.000$) Kids’ Category Winner (2.000$): Congratulations to all the participants and the organizers!