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The Internet of Cosmetics And Beauty in The Bathroom of The Future

Smart mirrors might advise the clueless what to wear in the morning, skin scanners might find the most effective beauty products, toilets might eliminate urine tests, and bioprinting might help cosmetics companies discontinue animal testing. Technology will significantly re-shape our sanctuaries for hygiene, and to see how it will happen, we looked at the latest trends. Here’s an overview of what the bathroom of the future will look like.

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The Swedish Speed Camera Lottery And Healthy Living

Stockholm experimented with rewarding compliance while punishing free-riders: if you drove at or under the speed limit, you would be entered into a lottery where the prize fund came from fines that speeders paid. The so-called speed camera lottery is the perfect solution for facilitating behavior change on the roads. But could social gamification improve healthy living and make healthcare systems more sustainable?

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Ask Me About Digital – Everything You Need To Know

If you are reading this, you have probably seen the sticker ‘Ask Me About Digital’ on your primary care physician’s door. Here’s the summary of what that means. The Medical Futurist launched this initiative to bridge the communication gap between patients and doctors. With the sticker, your physician just encouraged you to ask about information you find online; the health/medical smartphone apps, trackers or sensors you use because your physician knows one thing or two about the digital world and is open to having a conversation about it.

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The Top 12 Health Chatbots

Meet Molly, Eva, Ginger, Replika, Florence, Izzy – your new chatbot friends aiming to make your life better. In the last years, smart algorithm-powered, text or voice-based interfaces have multiplied, and they are also taking their place in healthcare. The Medical Futurist believes they will ease the burden on doctors in primary care and help patients learn to take care of their health responsibly. Do you want to try one? Check out the following health chatbots!

Future of Medicine Healthcare Design

Healthcare Should Be Invisible

What if healthcare worked as an unseeable fairy mother with a swarm of digital helpers? In the background, many digital tools, smart algorithms, health trackers and wearables would work for your well-being discreetly, so you could be sure that you are taken care of, but you would only sense that on rare occasions. How would you fancy the invisible healthcare system? The Medical Futurist believes that we should move in that direction.

Future of Medicine Healthcare Design

Ride-Hailing Platforms Could Solve The Problems of Transportation in Healthcare

Patients living in rural, suburban or urban areas with poor infrastructure often don’t have the proper means to get to the doctor’s appointment on time. In extreme cases, they could even wait for emergency situations so they can call an ambulance and receive care in a hospital. In the last months, both giant ridesharing companies, Uber and Lyft announced non-emergency medical transportation services, while start-ups, such as Circulation also promise to deal with the issue. Could smartphones and networked services solve transportation in healthcare?

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The Complex World of Cancer Pathways Explained in One Giant Infographic

The world of cancer is complex, non-linear and the fight against the deadly disease family requires particular attention from care providers. That’s why the concise, accurate and yet simple infographics created as illustrations for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s latest guidelines for the investigation and referral of suspected cancer cases are pure brilliance.