If you are an outsider to the runners’ massive community, it must be difficult to imagine how come putting your leg in front of the other very fast gives so much joy. However, we give you some ideas, show you some methods and technologies if you decided to start with a jog tomorrow. Let’s do […]

Smart mirrors might advise the clueless what to wear in the morning, skin scanners might find the most effective beauty products, toilets might eliminate urine tests, and bioprinting might help cosmetics companies discontinue animal testing. Technology will significantly re-shape our sanctuaries for hygiene, and to see how it will happen, we looked at the latest […]

Life expectancy is continuously growing but how far could it be stretched? Could you imagine that the average person lived beyond 130 years of age? How would longevity transform societies and our ways of life? Based on the book, My Health: Upgraded.

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The Swedish Speed Camera Lottery And Healthy Living

Stockholm experimented with rewarding compliance while punishing free-riders: if you drove at or under the speed limit, you would be entered into a lottery where the prize fund came from fines that speeders paid. The so-called speed camera lottery is the perfect solution for facilitating behavior change on the roads. But could social gamification improve healthy living and make healthcare systems more sustainable?

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Africa Is A Hotspot For Digital Health

Digital health in Africa is booming, and that’s the greatest news since the invention of broadband internet connection. The flourishing of disruptive solutions might go down to the fact that instead of relying on traditional infrastructure and a conventional healthcare system, populations in Africa need cheap, easily accessible and genuine problem-solving technologies. Why, when and how have they got there? Read on!

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How Do We Review Technologies?

Health sensors, fitness trackers, mHealth apps, genetic tests are the air The Medical Futurist breaths. We test the user experience and write down our independent, honest and objective opinion. We have no connection or other financial interest in any of the companies sending us their products, and we do not have any economic gains out of testing. Read about The Medical Futurist’s review policy in detail!

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Ask Me About Digital – Everything You Need To Know

If you are reading this, you have probably seen the sticker ‘Ask Me About Digital’ on your primary care physician’s door. Here’s the summary of what that means. The Medical Futurist launched this initiative to bridge the communication gap between patients and doctors. With the sticker, your physician just encouraged you to ask about information you find online; the health/medical smartphone apps, trackers or sensors you use because your physician knows one thing or two about the digital world and is open to having a conversation about it.