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My Health: Upgraded

Healthcare impacts each of our live.
Start preparing for its future and living better - today.

Health technology is changing healthcare for patients, doctors, and regulators radically. Learn what to expect, and start living a better life with the help of digital health tools. The 40 questions I answer in this book are the most exciting I received about the future of medicine from over 500 talks given at patient forums, pharmaceutical boards and doctor conferences. Keeping this glimpse into the future actionable, the I also give detailed methods for using technology to live a healthy and proac

An exciting guide through developments,

paradigm shifts, hurdles and opportunities.

Lucien Engelen, Director of REshape Innovation Center, Faculty at Singularity University

The Guide to the Future of Medicine

The Guide to the Future of Medicine provides an eye opening, reassuring and accessible roadmap to tomorrow’s potential. By preparing for the inevitable waves of change, you can make informed decisions about how technology will shape your well-being or company, and stay healthy and afloat amidst the waves of change.

Having invited him to keynote six times at

Doctors 2.0 & You, I can truly say that it is

a pleasure to work with him. Dr. Mesko

lives and breathes his topics about the

future of medicine, he always prepares,

and the audience loves him.

Denise Silber, organizer of Doctors 2.0 & You

Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma

We designed this e-book to serve as a collection of relevant examples, best practices and exciting ideas that can help any pharmaceutical company prepare for change. Many pharma companies have been trying to hop on the “digital train”. This e-book was meant to prove that instead of a train of innovation, stakeholders should think in terms of spaceships and while there is still time to embrace digital health and patient empowerment, those that do it faster will get exponentially ahead of their competitors.

The Top 100 Companies in Digital Health

While doing our work at The Medical Futurist, we stumble upon a lot of startups and innovative companies that aim at disrupting healthcare. Many innovators reach out to us with their new ideas, and we also sit down to talk with the biggest and most promising players to understand their technologies better. We have listed over a thousand companies focusing on digital health and we chose a hundred that represent the following key values: mindset for innovation, truly disruptive technology, viable business model and clear dedication to digital health.

Top 10 Trends Shaping The Future of Healthcare

As The Medical Futurist, my job is to constantly analyze technological trends and find ways of implementing new solutions in everyday medicine. In this book, I feature 10 of the most interesting stories, trends and visions about the short-term future of healthcare and medicine.

A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

This guide offers a comprehensive view of how artificial intelligence can be used for improving medicine and healthcare; while also clears up misconceptions about A.I. and its consequences. An easy read with a lot of practical examples and real-life stories about companies in the forefront of innovation.

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