Social Media in Clinical Practice: Chapter 9, Wikipedia and Medical Wikis

When I realized Springer made the individual chapters of my book, Social Media in Clinical Practice, available, I thought it would be useful for future readers to get some insights about each chapter one by one. Here is the short summary of what you can read about and an excerpt of the ninth chapter, Wikipedia and Medical Wikis: A […]

Wikipedia: Medical Articles Translation Taskforce Needs Volunteers

As a huge fan and a long-term administrator of Wikipedia, it’s a pleasure to spread the word about a new initiative which aims at finding volunteers to make important medical entries available in many languages. Wikipedia is the most used health care resource on the Internet both by unique visitors and by pageviews. For all […]

Evidence based content for medical articles on Wikipedia?

I would love to get your feedback on a project I just came across on Wikipedia, the WikiProject Medicine/Evidence based content for medical articles on Wikipedia. The organizer of the project is the same as in Cochrane Students’ Journal Club. Please sign up if you are interested in helping us out. Wikipedia has been accepted world wide […]

Wiki Project Med: Wikipedia Moving Forward

I was glad to see the formation of Wiki Project Med, a thematic organization first announced at Wikimania in 2012. This is a great way of Wikipedia moving forward in terms of medicine and healthcare. As an administrator since 2006, I will definitely run for board membership in the next election. The organization will promote the development […]

Wikipedia Overcoming Other Encyclopedias in Quality?

There was a study published in Nature in 2005 famously reporting that Wikipedia articles on scientific topics contained four errors per article on average while in case of the online edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica, three errors per article were found. Now here is a new minor study: The study compared a sample of English Wikipedia articles to equivalent articles […]

Pharma and Wikipedia: Podcast

John Mack invited me last week to participate in his newest podcast, this time focusing on how pharma could use Wikipedia. As a Wikipedia administrator, I tried to provide useful pieces of advice. Bonus: 3 Charts That Show How Wikipedia Is Running Out of Admins

Pharma Wikipedians: Survey and Podcast

A few days ago, I published an open letter to pharma about employing a Wikipedian and that letter received quite huge feedback including hundreds of tweets and some interesting blog posts. John Mack, author of PharmaGuy, invited me to participate in a podcast on the 17th of July: Pharma does not have a stellar record […]