Experimental trial in Second Life: Participants Needed

A new research project is looking for participants. The aim is to investigate weather the placebo response is possible within a virtual interaction. I am a medical student based at the University of Nottingham currently conducting a trial based in Second life. We are investigating the possibilities for virtual interventions which potential has already been […]

Cancer Outreach And Support In Second Life

Here is a great slideshow about how cancer outreach and support work in the virtual world of Second Life. [slideshare id=1875284&doc=canceroutreachandsupportinsl-heavy2-0withnotes-090818020834-phpapp01] More examples on Webicina.com. Also e-guide about virtual worlds in medicine.

Life 2.0: Documentary about Second Life

I’ve been using the virtual environment of Second Life and Visuland for years now to organize conferences or just small meetings. I also published a whole e-guide focusing on this issue. But this documentary recently selected for Sundance Film Festival is something really unique. The director and creator is Jason Spingarn-Koff. This feature-length documentary follows […]

FDA in Social Media: Second Life Event

You have probably heard about the Food and Drug Administration Social Media Hearing that took place last November focusing on how FDA-regulated products should use internet and social media for health-related communications. It also has an own, properly designed, online presence including Twitter streams and partners. A week ago, I had a chance to attend […]

FDA and Social Media: Today In Second Life

On November 12-13, the FDA held a hearing on how pharmaceutical companies use the web and social-media tools to market their products (FDASM). It was the first and an important step. Today, Patricia F. Anderson will present her slideshow dedicated to this topic in the virtual environment of Second Life. When: Saturday, January 30, 2010, […]

Second Life News: Midwifery and Molecules

Midwifery, birth and Second Life Can Training in Second Life Teach Doctors to Save Real Lives? (Discover) A Virtual Science Environment in Second Life Mary Anne Clark describes the organization and uses of Genome Island, a virtual laboratory complex constructed in Second Life. Genome Island was created for teaching genetics to university undergraduates but also […]

H1N1: Rap, Second Life and Datasets

Just a few articles focusing on the recent H1N1 outbreak. Rapping Through The H1N1 (Medgadget) Swine Flu Latest: Visualized! CDC H1N1 Seminar On SecondLife