The Medical Futurist team has been working for months to compile a curated list of digital health companies, but we can finally present you our findings in our latest database. We aimed for companies working on artificial intelligence solutions, health sensors and trackers, smartphone apps, genomics, 3D printing, biotechnology, the future of food, and many more.

More than 400 companies made it to our list, which all have what it takes to gain ground on the turbulent market of health technologies. If a start-up comes with a truly disruptive technological solution, has a mindset for innovation, presents a viable business model and a clear dedication to digital health, it will thrive. These are also the key values we considered when choosing the enterprises for our database. Even more so, when we selected the top 100 companies released in an e-book version.
digital health companies
Enterprises such as medical drone producer, Zipline, Circulation aiming to disrupt the medical transportation scene, bioprinting company, Organovo, Corti.AI revolutionizing emergency services through A.I., the gluten sensor manufacturer, Nima, or the team behind the mental health chatbot, Woebot, made it to the final list.
Now, you have the chance to check out every company that has the potential to bring healthcare to the 21st century in the database below! Do you know about any other team working on making the medical scene better? Please, reach out to us and help us make our list even more complete!