Fitbit? Apple Watch? Lumo? Garmin? Pebble? Would you like to track your fitness level, muscle activity, and heart rate to know whether your workout plan is working? Did you have heart problems and would you like to keep track of your ECG or blood pressure? Do you have trouble sleeping and would like to leverage on the power of technology to have the best shuteye possible? Are you looking for the right sensor for your study or clinical trial?

The Body Map of Digital Health Sensors, as well as our constantly updated database of wearables and trackers, are here for you!

As The Medical Futurist keeps track of the best gadgets to measure vital signs and health parameters, we receive a lot of questions about health sensors and wearables weekly. So we decided to create a freely accessible database to browse through the selection of available digital health sensors. So now, you can choose the very best for you, your family and your friends. Just scroll down on this page to access it.

Moreover, we created an infographic explaining which health sensors and wearables measure which parameters to make the choice even more straightforward. We included those that we tested ourselves. Click here to download the infographic in high quality!

Please, feel free to contact us if you wanted to add something or if you have any comment for us. And of course, spread the knowledge and share the word with anyone who might be interested.