Big tech companies like Amazon, Google-parent Alphabet, Apple, IBM, or Microsoft are taking their move into healthcare and medicine seriously. Our newly published e-book entitled Tech Giants In Healthcare offers a comprehensive overview of their goals, tool-kit, experiences, risks, and potentials on the turbulent healthcare market in the recent years. 

Google Genomics, IBM Watson, Apple Healthkit & Co.

News outlets are buzzing with healthcare-related steps of technology giants. For example, according to the latest news, the new Apple Watch can screen for heart problems. Recently, Google launched a new service, called Dataset Search, similar to Google Scholar, the company’s popular search engine for academic studies and reports. The company aims for making all kinds of scientific data available for researchers, initially in the environmental, as well as social science fields, but if it becomes popular, it will spread to other areas, too. In June, Amazon purchased PillPack, a full-service pharmacy that sorts medication by the dose and delivers to its customers’ doors, for 1 billion dollars.

But these are just tiny pieces in a much much bigger puzzle. Technology companies are developing plenty of new, health-related features on their own platforms, they are teaming up with research institutions and developers to create new tools for patients, doctors or any other stakeholder in medicine – and they are heavily investing in partnerships with start-ups or in launching new ventures.

That’s why The Medical Futurist decided to look deeper into the topic. Our new e-book clarifies how and why the move of the big tech companies happens to healthcare and breaks it down from one market player to the other in what direction they are going, what tools they are using and what horizons they have before them.

Check out the e-book here, and please feel free to comment on it. We would love to hear your feedback!

Tech giants in healthcare