The Medical Futurist Institute, the very first research institute specializing in digital health, was launched on 17 October 2017. We, the team of The Medical Futurist are incredibly happy to be able to share what we have been working on with you. The aim of the Institute is to prepare every stakeholder of healthcare for gradually adopting digital health. For successfully doing so, it provides comprehensive, original scientific field research, policy papers, and recommendations on technological innovations and their broader social impact.

Research for facilitating the adoption of digital health technologies by the global healthcare scene

The Institute will serve the goal to facilitate the adoption of digital health by governments, companies and most importantly individual patients and physicians, said Dr. Bertalan Mesko, Director, and Founder of The Medical Futurist Institute. He added, that while The Medical Futurist team tries to help translate science fiction-sounding technological progress into how we can make it happen in practical healthcare today, it’s TMFI’s responsibility to back every theory and direction with data and perspectives that have gone through peer review. That’s the main task of the newly established institute.

TMFI has already started its work on innovative research. The first step was to lay down the foundations for their future endeavors by defining digital health and framing the paradigm shift happening in healthcare. In the paper, they argue that it brings a cultural, not a technological transformation. Building on the definition of digital health, TMFI argues in another peer-reviewed paper, that artificial intelligence will be a key technology in bringing digital health to every-day practice, specifically to precision medicine.

Yet, TMFI believes that the applications of innovative medical technologies do not stop at the frontiers of traditional healthcare. That’s the reason why the institute published its viewpoint about astronautics and digital health; specifically how humanity will not be able to reach Mars, let alone colonize it, without the application of digital health technologies.

Laying down the basics of digital health research

While the team of The Medical Futurist will continue to drive forward the familiarization of health technological advances and trends to a broad audience, TMFI will analyze trends, set up theoretical frameworks and designate the road to take for policy-makers, healthcare professionals and other industry stakeholders based on genuine field research. The bigger aim of both the institute and the TMF team is to prepare the entire healthcare scene for a better future and more democratic healthcare systems.

Zsuzsa Győrffy P.hD., one of the founders of TMFI, Associate Professor at Semmelweis University, said that the doctor of the future is the sort of superhero, who is both compassionate and is proficient in the ways of the newest findings, methods, and appliances of healthcare. She added she would like to see TMFI, with its evidence-based research and practical advice, being able to help as many doctors as it can to orient themselves effectively in the world of digital health.

As Dr. Meskó put it, in the future, patients need to be the point-of-care. If we can make it happen through digital health, it means an early diagnosis, prevention at a huge scale, immediate help and information whenever is needed and generally involving patients in their care. This is the desired future we work towards at The Medical Futurist Institute.

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