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the future of digital health and healthcare

Dr. Mesko is among the Top Healthcare Keynote Speakers.
He’s a professional futurist with 700+ virtual and in-person keynotes in 40+ countries.

Engaging Keynotes, Virtual Keynotes
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With the world in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, conferences and company events are being cancelled or postponed until further notice. If you were organizing a healthcare event for your company and don’t know how to continue, hosting a virtual event might be the best option for you. Virtual events are not just a temporary thing. Virtual events are the future.

While with modern technology, video conference calls are easy to set up and can be done remotely, not all speakers are ready to truly engage your audience through a virtual connection. Dr. Meskó has invested over the years to excel at virtual presentations technologically, and adjusted his narratives to this channel. He has been participating in countless webinars, Facebook Live events, and has his own YouTube channel with over 500 videos and millions of views.

By booking Dr. Meskó for your next virtual event, you can be sure to have an engaging speaker on board

  • The presentation is unique and targeted for your audience. Meskó always creates a 100% custom presentation, tailored to the audience. It won’t be a recycled narrative your audience might have heard already.
  • The Medical Futurist team is easy to work with. We worked with 300+ Pharma & Health companies and event organizers. We know that organizing events is hard, so we’re ready to be flexible and help where it’s needed.
  • We add extra value to your event through additional content. Dr. Meskó regularly creates exclusive content in the form of ebooks, videos and briefings. You can include this as an extra perk for your audience to "take home."


Science fiction in healthcare

How to predict
the future of healthcare

Science fiction helps predict the future of healthcare and with a simple everyday trick, you can do it too!

needs a trip to Mars

Healthcare needs a tripe to Mars

We need a healthcare system that would keep an astronaut on Mars alive. Only with that can we keep on improving people’s lives.

The evolution of digital health

Healthcare after COVID

Dr. Meskó helps your audience to understand all the different ways COVID-19 has been changing healthcare

How to be the hero
of healthcare

How to be a hero to save healthcare

Here is how digital health technologies help make our health depend more on our decisions than pure luck.

Your A.I.

Your A.I. prescription

Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of healthcare!


Keynote Speaker About The Future of Medicine & Healthcare

The Medical Futurist

What’s The Deal With Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?

The Medical Futurist

Dr. Bertalan Meskó’s Keynote Speech: Privacy in the Digital Health Era



Dr. Bertalan Meskó, PhD is The Medical Futurist and the Director of The Medical Futurist Institute analyzing how science fiction technologies can become a reality in medicine and healthcare. An energetic healthcare keynote speaker known for his customized keynote presentations

  • Healthcare Keynote Speaker with 500+ presentations in 40+ countries
  • Founding Director of the Medical Futurist Institute, a renowned research institute about digital health
  • Bestselling Author of many books and executive summaries on healthcare trends, the future of medicine, and A.I. companies
  • Corporate Consultant for pharma and insurance companies, banks, and governments
  • Founder of The Medical Futurist, a popular website with over 5 million readers
  • LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Healthcare, with over 300,000 Linkedin followers

Asked Questions

What kind of events does Dr. Meskó do?
Dr. Meskó is usually booked for online keynote and virtual conference style events. Lectures, and other teaching events are also available. He has occasionally been available for presenting, TV and video, with some experience in moderating sessions.

What does it cost to book an online event?
Fees vary depending on the location, time commitment and the content required. Please contact us to find out more!

What experience do you have in virtual keynotes?
Dr. Meskó has done 80+ virtual keynotes in the past 2 years. He has an experienced video production team and established his own studio. This makes his online presentations stand out from the industry standard. The average satisfactory rate on his keynotes is 4,9 out of 5.

What are your technical requirements for an online keynote?
Dr. Meskó has his own studio where he records the online keynotes, or sits in for live events. His experienced video production team is there on-site to make sure the live events go flawlessly. To discuss the exact setup and streaming platform, please get in touch.

How does customization work?
Dr. Meskó has 4 main keynote narratives that help share strong and engaging messages. For every event, the client chooses a narrative that is the most relevant to their audience, and then Dr. Meskó customizes the keynote based on a questionnaire the client fills in. He is also happy to jump on a call to make sure the keynote is as relevant to the audience as possible.

Are Q&As included in the online events?
The Q&A is the most exciting part of every online event. Even when people sit in front of their webcams or phones, it is possible to get them engaged and challenged with a sharp keynote. Dr. Meskó often does Q&As with his followers even without a keynote therefore he both has experience with it and loves doing it.