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With the world in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, conferences and company events were being cancelled or postponed until further notice, making virtual events the go-to solution. While virtual events are the future, as in-person gatherings become feasible again, live, in-person keynotes are regaining their significance.

Dr. Meskó excels not only in virtual presentations but also shines in live, in-person keynotes. His dynamic presence and engaging delivery captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impact. His expertise in healthcare, coupled with his ability to connect with people on a personal level, makes him a sought-after speaker for both virtual and live events. Whether you choose a virtual or in-person format, Dr. Meskó ensures your audience receives valuable insights and an unforgettable experience.

By booking Dr. Meskó for your next virtual event, you can be sure to have an engaging speaker on board

  • The presentation is unique and targeted for your audience. Meskó always creates a 100% custom presentation, tailored to the audience. It won’t be a recycled narrative your audience might have heard already.
  • The Medical Futurist team is easy to work with. We worked with 300+ Pharma & Health companies and event organizers. We know that organizing events is hard, so we’re ready to be flexible and help where it’s needed.
  • We add extra value to your event through additional content. Dr. Meskó regularly creates exclusive content in the form of ebooks, videos and briefings. You can include this as an extra perk for your audience to "take home."


How to predict the future of healthcare

In this keynote narrative, How to predict the future of healthcare, Dr. Meskó reveals the transformative potential of science fiction in predicting the future of healthcare. By adopting a simple yet powerful habit—asking "what if"—attendees embark on a journey to envision the convergence of imagination and innovation, and learn to anticipate which existing and new technologies will shape the healthcare industry.

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Healthcare needs a tripe to Mars

In this keynote narrative, Healthcare needs a trip to Mars, Dr. Meskó argues that we need to create a healthcare system that would even keep an astronaut on Mars alive. We need to use our digital health technologies to make patients the point of care, to let them access their own data, and to involve augmented algorithms to help make decisions on the go. That’s the only way that we can bring healthcare into the 21st century.

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Healthcare after COVID

In this keynote narrative, The evolution of digital health, Dr. Meskó illuminates the multifaceted evolution of digital health catalyzed by COVID-19. While the pandemic spurred rapid technological adoption, a cultural shift essential for fully embracing digital health lags behind. From telemedicine to AI monitoring, diverse technologies converge in this new normal, poised to permanently shape healthcare.

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How to be a hero to save healthcare

In this keynote narrative, How to be the hero of healthcare, Dr. Meskó empowers audiences to become the heroes of healthcare through digital health technologies. By illustrating how these innovations shift the focus towards individual decision-making, attendees are urged to seize the opportunity to drive cultural transformation in healthcare, and shape the future of their own well-being.

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Your A.I. prescription

In this keynote narrative, Your A.I. Prescription, Dr. Meskó explores the transformative role of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Attendees gain valuable insight into its inevitable impact and learn how to prepare for this paradigm shift. The narrative fosters a productive exchange between humans and machines, empowering participants to embrace A.I. for the advancement of healthcare and medicine.

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How Will Generative AI Upgrade Healthcare?

In this keynote narrative, How Will Generative AI Upgrade Healthcare, Dr. Meskó delves into the impact of generative AI on healthcare. Attendees discover how this breakthrough technology reshapes medical practice and patient access to information. The narrative offers an exploration of generative AI, providing clarity on the capabilities of tools like ChatGPT and their potential contributions to healthcare.

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Keynote Speaker About The Future of Medicine & Healthcare

The Medical Futurist

What’s The Deal With Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?

The Medical Futurist

Dr. Bertalan Meskó’s Keynote Speech: Privacy in the Digital Health Era



Dr. Bertalan Meskó, PhD, known as The Medical Futurist, is the Director of The Medical Futurist Institute. He specializes in analyzing the impact of science fiction technologies on global medicine and healthcare. Dedicated to pioneering medical futures studies as a scientific discipline, Dr. Mesko aims to make futures methods widely accessible in healthcare.

  • Founding Director of The Medical Futurist Institute, a renowned research institute about digital health and AI
  • Bestselling author of many books and executive summaries on healthcare trends, the future of medicine, and AI companies
  • Founder of The Medical Futurist, a popular website with over 5 million readers
  • LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Healthcare, with over 300,000 Linkedin followers
  • Futurist Keynote Speaker for pharma and insurance companies, banks, and governments
  • His research focuses on the role of artificial intelligence and digital health technologies in shaping the future of care. He is a member of the "Committee on Future Research" of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Asked Questions

What kind of events does Dr. Meskó do?
Dr. Meskó is usually booked for online keynote and virtual conference style events. Lectures, and other teaching events are also available. He has occasionally been available for presenting, TV and video, with experience in moderating sessions.

What does it cost to book an online event?
The cost of booking an online event with Dr. Meskó varies based on factors such as location, time commitment, and the specific content required. For detailed information on fees and availability, please contact us directly. We are more than happy to provide you with the necessary details.

What experience do you have in virtual keynotes?
Dr. Meskó has an impressive track record, having delivered over 100 virtual keynotes in the past two years alone. With his dedicated video production team and a state-of-the-art studio, his online presentations stand out from the industry standard. Clients consistently rate his keynotes highly, with an average satisfaction rate of 4.9 out of 5.

What are your technical requirements for an online keynote?
Dr. Meskó operates from his own fully-equipped studio, where he records online keynotes or participates in live events. An experienced video production team is on-site to ensure flawless execution for live events. For specific details regarding the setup and preferred streaming platform, please reach out to us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

How does customization work?
To ensure that each event is tailored to the unique needs of the audience, Dr. Meskó offers a personalized touch to his keynotes. He has 6 main keynote narratives, and clients can choose the one most relevant to their audience. Dr. Meskó then customizes the keynote based on a detailed questionnaire filled out by the client. If needed, he is also available for a call to further refine the content and make it as relevant as possible.

Are Q&As included in the online events?
The Q&A is the most exciting part of every online event. Even when people sit in front of their webcams or phones, it is possible to get them engaged and challenged with a sharp keynote. Dr. Meskó often does Q&As with his followers even without a keynote therefore he both has experience with it and loves doing it.

What virtual platforms does Dr. Meskó use for online keynotes?
Dr. Meskó is adaptable to various virtual platforms, and the choice often depends on the client's preferences and technical requirements. Whether it's Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or another platform, he and his team can coordinate seamlessly to ensure a smooth online experience. Please reach out to discuss your preferred platform for the event.

Can Dr. Meskó create custom content for our event theme?
Absolutely! Dr. Meskó is adept at crafting content that aligns with the theme of your event. Whether it's a specific industry focus, a corporate initiative, or a unique event theme, he can tailor his presentation to resonate with your audience and convey key messages effectively.

Is it possible to request a follow-up session or additional resources post-event?
Yes, follow-up sessions or the provision of additional resources post-event can be arranged. Dr. Meskó is committed to ensuring a lasting impact, and he can offer continued support through Q&A sessions, webinars, or providing supplementary materials to reinforce the content covered during the event.

How does Dr. Meskó engage with the audience during virtual events?
Dr. Meskó understands the importance of audience engagement, even in virtual settings. His interactive approach includes live Q&A sessions, polls, and opportunities for audience participation. This ensures that attendees remain actively involved and have the chance to interact directly with Dr. Meskó.

What topics does Dr. Meskó typically cover in his keynotes?
Dr. Meskó specializes in healthcare, technology, and innovation with an emphasis on their future trends. His keynotes often revolve around the intersection of these fields, addressing current trends, challenges, and future possibilities. However, he is flexible and can tailor his presentations to suit the specific interests of your audience. Feel free to discuss your preferred topics when arranging the event.

Can Dr. Meskó participate in panel discussions or workshops?
Absolutely! Dr. Meskó is not limited to keynote presentations. He is well-equipped to participate in panel discussions, workshops, and other interactive formats. If you are looking for a dynamic and knowledgeable expert to contribute to a collaborative session, we can arrange for Dr. Meskó's involvement based on your event goals.

Can Dr. Meskó travel for in-person events?
Dr. Meskó has been traveling around the world for over a decade and he is always open to discussing the possibility of in-person appearances. The feasibility will depend on factors such as location, schedule, and event requirements. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific needs, and we'll explore the options together.

Is it possible to schedule a demo or preview of Dr. Meskó's presentation style?
Certainly! We understand the importance of ensuring a good fit for your event. We can arrange a demo or provide access to previous recordings to give you a preview of Dr. Meskó's presentation style. This allows you to make an informed decision and ensures that the content aligns seamlessly with your event objectives.