How Fast Would You Run If Zombies Followed You?

Virtual reality will bring amazing opportunities into our everyday lives. Imagine being in the nature while performing exercises at home. Or running away from zombies which can be quite a motivation if it looks real enough. A team just proposed this idea.

Race Yourself is a promising piece of Glassware that, using augmented reality, gives you an avatar to compete against in the real world. Over 30 game modes will have you racing against yourself, a giant Indiana Jones-style boulder and even hordes of zombies.


The whole fitness industry and even tourism will change to the excessive use of virtual reality apps such as Google Glass or the recently introduced smart contact lenses. People will pay people to wear the Google Glass where they live and walk around Machu Picchu while they rest in  chair at home watching the same scenes. These industries will be revolutionized in the next couple of years.

And if you ask me whether I would use a device through which zombies followed me while I’m out running, of course I would! But breathing in fresh air while running will be never be replaced by any devices.