World Health Organization: 3 Days in Geneva

About a year ago, I found an article mentioning WHO’s Wikipedia-based approach in revisioning ICD (international classification of diseases) and contacted them by e-mail. Later, some weeks ago, I was invited for a brainstorming to the centre of World Health Organization in the beautiful city of Geneva. I spent three days there and discussed how a wiki-like system could help making this process (the revision of ICD) more open and collaborative.

The centre of World Health Organization

Inside WHO

Me on the top of WHO with the lake in the background

Le jet d’eau is really spectacular (140 metres high).

United Nations

I guess PubMed users come together for a drink in ClubMed…

So those people working in WHO do a huge job. The ICD codes are the basic elements of any kind of health statistics and global healthcare-related decisions are based on these. If this revision process becomes open for all the physicians in the world, it will be even more efficient.

The first step of this long process is here.

That’s why a wiki-like system could be beneficial and that’s why they are really open to ideas and thoughts. I hope they could use my experience or knowledge or whatever I have in this field of medicine.

From now I will keep you posted about how WHO is using the advantages of web 2.0.