Why Would Google Shut Down Google Reader?

I’ve been using Google Reader for many years to check the latest updates of my favorite online resources (over 400 of them) by RSS. Checking these RSS feeds is an important part of my work. Therefore I was more than surprised when Google Reader alerted me Google would shut it down on the 1st of July.

Google reader

I know social media has changed a lot and we actually follow news through our communities. I know because I use those social channels for even crowdsourcing in medicine. But I very much need structure and order when I have to check thousands of news items every single day.

This structure has been provided by Google Reader, but now I have to find another solution. I just cannot believe Google couldn’t finance it any more, I’m pretty sure there has to be a more serious reason in the background which, maybe as a feature, we will see soon on Google+.

Mark my words, RSS is not dead. For those who are happy to find relevant news pieces accidentally online, it’s been already dead. For those who want to filter the web with strategy, RSS is still the only viable and efficient solution. I even teach these methods at the medical school.

I’m now experimenting with Feedly as it offered a very smooth transition from Google Reader to their service. If you have any other suggestions, I would really appreciate it.