When the Patient Designs Infographics

Katie McCurdy is an information-specialist so it wasn’t that surprising when she decided to design infographics showing and describing her medical history with plenty of details about her chronic condition (myasthenia gravis).

So for this week’s office visit, I have prepared a visual timeline, an infographic, if you will, that I will print and take with me to my visit.  This timeline charts the progress of my Myasthenia Gravis since I was 13 – not only the hard facts like the medications I was taking at the time, but the way I *felt* during those times and the degree of weakness I was experiencing. Overlaid is the progression of my stomach problems over my lifetime, including the points in time when I took antibiotics. Laying these waveform-like patterns on top of one another reveals that often my MG and my stomach problems were involved in a dance of sorts, taking steep dives simultaneously.

If it’s well designed, it can be incredibly helpful to medical professionals. But what about her own doc?

 The result was a more structured conversation that allowed me to communicate my story more efficiently while saving the doctor from having to listen to five minutes of my rambling.

Engagement, motivation and the real improvement of patient experience. Brilliant!