When Technological Developments Are Faster Than Our Imagination

We are all working hard on implementing digital solutions in healthcare and everyday practices, create new solutions to access medical records online and with mobile technologies. Sometimes futurists come up with quite brave ideas about making future technologies available, but when technological advances are just faster than our imagination, I start to smile.

Accessing patient data at the right time with a secure system is a real challenge. Some doctors use tablets, patients use wearable technologies, therefore developing a solution that suits everyone’s needs is complicated.

But what if you can just project a touchscreen wherever you want to? It could truly revolutionize the way we access and create electronic medical information and data.

Instead of being tethered to your hardware, WorldKit is designed to make access to computing instant and mobile by making the world your touchscreen. Right now, the system involves a ceiling-mounted camera and projector that record hand movements and then project onto the surface of your choice. Some potential uses include TV remote controls, which can be accessed by rubbing the arm of a sofa, or calendars that can be swiped onto doors.