What’s on the web? (28 October 2007)

They have no cars, no electricity, no televisions. But their children have medical conditions so rare, doctors don’t have names for them yet…


  • Lack of national e-health policies, strategies, plans and legislative frameworks
  • Use of systems is limited to nurses and clerks, not used by many physicians
  • Cost of computer systems compared with cost of medicines is still prohibitive for many countries and institutions
  • Use of ICT for public health is limited at present
  • Many populations live in rural and remote areas with little or no access to specialized health care
  • E-health projects, especially telemedicine, are initiated and managed by non-health authorities.
  • At last, check out the official video of the Archon X Prize for Genomics. When will it be possible to sequence 100 human genomes accurately in 10 days? What do you think?