Webicina iPhone application is available in iTunes!

Finally, it’s a great pleasure to announce that the free iPhone application of Webicina.com is now available in iTunes. We cannot wait to hear your feedback and suggestions. The Android version is coming soon! Basically we wanted to let you access the curated social media resources we feature on mobile and also provide an interesting and educational game that discusses issues related to quality medical information online and the health 2.0 field. Enjoy and reach the highest score!

Webicina.com curates online medical resources in social media for patients and medical professionals for free in over 15 languages in over 80 medical specialties and conditions. This application makes it easier to access these selected resources on smartphones and also includes a Health 2.0 Quiz which was designed to help empowered patients and medical professionals know more about the world of medicine and social media.

This video describes how Webicina.com works: