Webicina iPhone App: Feedback

Last week, I happily announced that the free iPhone application of Webicina.com is now available in iTunes. Basically we wanted to let you access the curated social media resources we feature on mobile and also provide an interesting and educational game that discusses issues related to quality medical information online and the health 2.0 field. Enjoy and reach the highest score!

The feedback has been amazing.

Webicina iPhone App Helps Navigate Medical Social Media (Medgadget)

Our good friend Dr. Berci Meskó who writes at ScienceRoll and curates Webicina, has a new iPhone app that brings a lot of the medical social media resources into one place. Both patients and clinicians can find sites that are relevant to their specific topics of interest.

Webicina Goes Mobile with a Free iPhone App. (Laika’s MedLobLog)

Webicina has greatly evolved, since I’ve reviewed it 2 years ago in “PeRSSonalized Medicine – and its alternatives“: it covers 80 topics, 3000 resources and 17 languages. Most importantly patients and doctors find it extremely useful to keep up-to-date via this customizable aggregator of quality medical resources in social media (Medical Journals, Blogs, News and Web 2.0 tools). I often see it mentioned on Twitter.

Webicina smartphone app (Ivor Kovic, MD)

I have been testing the app on my iPhone, however it will soon also be available for other mobile platforms as well. For now you can download it for free in the iTunes store. The app is very nicely designed, and the cool thing is that you can browse through all the listed resources inside the app, without the need to go back and forward between your web browser. In just a few minutes of playing around with it, I found some great new resources and reminded myself of all the great content inside the Emergency Medicine category in which this blog is also featured. I can already see that I will be spending many hours exploring valuable new content on my phone using Webicina app, and if you want to stay on top of your game in your field, I strongly suggest you do the same.

Webicina Mobile – iPhone now, Android Later

I think the best value of Webicina may be that it is a central place to direct healthcare professionals who are looking to get their feet wet with social media/Web 2.0 or alternately, it is a good initial place to direct patients who are a bit overwhelmed from trying to dive into the pool of health information online.   The next best thing about Webicina?  If you think there is a great resource missing from the list, just click on the link to Webicina.com in the app and type it into the ‘suggest a site’ box for possible inclusion!

Webicina goes mobile with a great free iPhone app!

The Webicina iPhone app offers a selection of medical social media resources for medical professionals and for empowered patients. Navigation through the app is smooth and pleasant, offering a great dive through a list of medical specialties and topics.