Virtual Medical Meeting in a Virtual World

I’m so sad that I haven’t been able to participate in Science Foo Camp:

Nature is therefore delighted to be collaborating with O’Reilly to organise the second annual Science Foo Camp, which is being very generously hosted by Google. About 200 leading scientists, technologists, writers and other thought-leaders will be gathering for a weekend of discussion, demonstration and debate.

Here are some summaries of the event: bbgm; Nodalpoint; Daily Transcript

Finally, yesterday I attended a virtual meeting in Second Life where the interns of Ann Myers Medical Center talked about the future of the project. Many mind-blowing ideas about promotion and the first medical simulation that will take place this Thursday!

I’m that guy on the left (Berci Dryke), DoctorAnn on the right is the mind behind the whole project.

Yes, this is going to revolutionize medical education. Why? Because me, a Hungarian medical student can learn from physicians from around the world. I can ask them what kind of diseases to talk about. I get a chance to learn without borders and limits.

Don’t you believe? Then follow Scienceroll because I’m going to make many pictures, videos during the process (as a medical student it’s not going to be so easy to solve the first case presentation).