VerveEarth: Locate Your Blog!

verve-earth.jpgHere is a brand new service, VerveEarth, with which you can locate your blog on a world map and show your RSS feed in order to get some traffic. It is a virtual world (based on Google Maps) where you can surf the net in a completely new way.

  • Create your personalized internet world within minutes by adding favorites
  • Subscribe to the content that is important to you; cut out the rest
  • Surf the net geographically, check out what’s hot in your city and the world
  • Share cool content with friends

You can share content with friends, write on their walls, and communicate with similarly–interested users at your favorite destinations.Destinations are available for a range of topics—everything from mainstream websites (e.g. YouTube), cities and countries, universities, sports teams and famous people.


Let’s locate our blogs and find our blogger neighbours more easily to organize meetings!