Unique Medical Simulation in Second Life!

We organize medical exercises and meetings at the Ann Myers Medical Center in Second Life. Now the e-Learning Faculty of Imperial College London created a spectacular and useful Second Life tool in medical education. Here are some screenshots that can describe what the learning process looks like.

  • Wash your hands or you cannot even touch the patient.

  • Find the room of that particular patient you got access to.

  • Check the patient’s profile (history) through a text file.

  • If you answer the test question regarding differential diagnosis, you can purchase investigations (somewhy you have to pay for it).

  • I mean with real money. While it’s not the best way to educate students, I believe they decided not to provide free medical content because of privacy issues, and maybe that way they can exclude non-experts:

  • You can also find many educational slides and images there.

To sum it up, this is an extremely useful application for medical students who would like to learn and study without borders.

A video may describe it better:

Further reading: