Twitter Diet: The New York Times Story

Here is a recent piece in the New York Times about a reporter who decided to lose weight by 1) getting support from fellow Twitterers, and 2) by tweeting everything he eats throughout the day.

I knew that I could not diet alone; I needed the help of a cheering section. But rather than write a blog, keep a diary or join Weight Watchers, I decided to use Twitter. I thought it would make me more accountable, because I could record everything I ate instantly. And because Twitter posts are automatically pushed to each person who subscribes to them, an audience — of friends or strangers — can follow along.

What is surprising is that Brian Stelter didn’t start using some kind of a data collecting application. I reported about one a few days ago.

On, you can collect your life data through a few simple steps on Twitter. One data point per tweet!

Without using data analytics softwares and sites, it’s still easy to collect your blood sugar or blood pressure levels. FlowingData lets you visualize and analyze data as well.