Gudie to the 40 Trends Shaping the Future of Medicine

The 40 Trends Driving the Future of Medicine

News every day make us feel like we live in science fiction. 

Artificial intelligence diagnoses tumors. Exoskeletons let paralyzed people walk again. Crowdsourced, 3D printed prosthetics change the lives of children. 

Disruptive trends are reshaping healthcare. Get the infographic guide to the 40 most important ones. 

"Dr. Mesko's thoughts on digital health are innovative, accessible and easily understood." 

Dr. Larry Chu, Executive Director, Stanford Medicine X


The Medical Futurist has analyzed the 40 most important medical trends for both patients and clinicians, and how much they changed in the past 1000 days.

Prevention & preparation

This area is shaped by digital literacy in medicine, gamification based wellness, virtual dissection and more.

Therapy & follow-up

Disruptive advances like telemedicine, robotic interventions & 3D printed drugs.

Outcome & consequences

Redesigned hospital experiences and artificial intelligence aided medical decisions are some of the key trends.

Data & diagnostics

Trends driving innovation include home diagnostics, medical tricorders, digestible sensors

Who is the Medical Futurist? 

Dr. Bertalan Mesko, PhD is the Medical Futurist. As a geek physician with a PhD in genomics and Amazon Top 100 author, he envisions the impact of digital health technologies on the future of health, and helps patients, doctors, government regulators and companies make it a reality. 

With 500+ presentations including courses at Harvard, Stanford and Yale Universities, Singularity University's Futuremed course at NASA Ames campus and organizations including the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies, he is one of the top voices globally on healthcare technology. 

Dr. Mesko was featured by dozens of top publications, including CNN, the World Health Organization, National Geographic, Forbes, TIME magazine, BBC, and the New York Times. 

His popular blog, Scienceroll has more than 3 million readers, and he is one of LinkedIn's top voices in healthcare.

Learn how healthcare and medicine changed in the past 1000 days, 

and where it's headed in the coming years.

Gudie to the 40 Trends Shaping the Future of Medicine