Top Medical Social Media Stories of 2012: Month by Month

Just like last year, I again collect the most important and interesting news about the relationship between medicine/healthcare and social media, so here are my favorite stories from 2012 selected and featured month by month.


There was a support for Bald Barbie campaign on Facebook, a funny Nature documentary showing pharma reps in the wild, the most amusing medical story ever about how not to communicate new scientific information, the Hands-Only CPR video with Vinnie Jones and my keynote at Games for Health.


The world’s first Live-Tweeted Open-Heart Surgery was reported, how to get better at online search, the e-patient became a patient again, ambulance crews tweeted ‘working life, I explained what I use Twitter for with 10,000 followers and Medical Social Media Curation was described:



Telemedicine was predicted in 1925, a patient designed an infographic about 20 years of medical history, developments about the social media guide were published, we initiated a directory of European Doctor Twitterers and The Social MEDia Course was launched!

The Social MEDia Course main page


6 Cool Things People Have Done Inside MRI Scanners, the first open Facebook page launched by a pharma company was over, digital literacy in the medical curriculum became available worldwide, and a doctor reviewed the episodes of House, MD.


Teaching older physicians about social media is trickyMicrosoft’s new community site, was launched, how a blog post can turn into a community, Facebook’s organ donor campaign was not successful, and the #HCSM Leaderboard was revealed.


10 physicians to follow on Twitter, we visualized the #MDChat medical Twitter hashtag, we had the first graduate of The Social MEDia Course, Doctors 2.0 and You 2012 was the event of the year, I published an open letter to pharma about employing a Wikipedian, a social media guide for authors of medical resources was released and I described the way I filter information online through crowdsourcing.


I was mentioned in the TIME magazine, we did a podcast about pharma and Wikipedia, I was in a list with Barack Obama, I tried to help a husband crowdsource the diagnosis of his wife, and my keynote video about Facing Traditional Medicine as a Geek was uploaded.


Patients Sued Physician Over Online Photos, fake bus stop keeps Alzheimer’s patients from wandering off were reported, the very first website was still accessible, there was a great social media cancer campaign with a celebrity, and the way patients choose doctors online was described in a comic.


A brain cancer patient wanted to crowdsource his diagnosis, the first social game of pharma was launched, the real anatomy of a Barbie was revealed, I started documenting my steps towards becoming a medical futurist, and I spoke at Harvard.


An amazing breast cancer self-check iPad ad was presented, how to deal with patients on Facebook, I spoke at TEDxYouth and in Denmark, the second step towards becoming a medical futurist, and the Key Trends in the Future of Medicine: E-Patients, Communication and Technology:



The first smartphone was 20 years old (as well as the first text message), the ultimate health startup resources guide was published, a positive pregnancy test diagnosed a man’s cancer on Reddit, and I got a PhD in clinical genomics.


Curēus, an open-access medical journal with crowdsourcing was launched, I published my PhD thesis, I had an interview about telehealth, I was among the top ten Internet-Smart Doctors in the World, and it turned out we are digital junkies.

I’m going to post my predictions for 2013 soon and I hope you will stay with me on next year as well!