Top 10: Virtual Medical Sites in Second Life!

I’m still involved in constructing the future of medical education at the Ann Myers Medical Center, but I always try to find other medical places in the virtual world. Here is a list of my favourite ones. If you happen to know more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment for us.

1. Ann Myers Medical Center: it aims to assist students to become more proficient in initial exam history and physicals; to become more proficient in the analysis of MRIs, CTs and X-rays. You can join to take part in the first medical simulation (maybe this July). TELEPORT!


2. Heart Murmurs: a great example of educational possibilities in Second Life as you can listen to cardiac murmurs. TELEPORT

3. The Gene Pool: far the best genetic educational place in Second Life. Quizes, animations and you can even wear your favourite chromosome. TELEPORT



4. Virtual Neurological Education Centre: it allows the medical field an online virtual environment for training and demonstrating a virtual experience of a neurological disorder. TELEPORT


5. Wheelies @ Second Ability: A place for people with disability. You can even try how it is like to use a wheelchair. TELEPORT


6. Medical Library at Health Info Island: you can do PubMed searches from Second Life; find people at the Medical Research Desk or at the Consumer Health Information Desk. A growing medical virtual community! TELEPORT


7. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: according to the National Review of Medicine, they are one of the early adopters. They consider Second Life as an educational opportunity they just couldn’t pass up. TELEPORT


8. UC Davis’ Virtual Hallucinations: they’re not kidding. You can experience virtual hallucinations. TELEPORThallucin.jpg

9. Hottie Hospital: Play doctors and nurses, be a patient or a cute receptionist. Gynaecology, sperm donation, sexgen therapy, medical examination… TELEPORT


10. RX Pirates: a really strange museum. TELEPORT


10+1: Play2Train: Play2Train will provide opportunities for training through interactive role playing and will be the foundation for our emergency preparedness educational machinima. Short demo scene of mass casualty incident simulation:

I hope you enjoyed this journey into the medical world of Second Life. I hope these sites and hospitals will play an important role in the future of medical education.


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