Top 10 Hepatitis Social Media Resources

Webicina’s new Hepatitis and Social Media collection features relevant and quality social media resources from blogs and podcasts to community sites, Youtube and Twitter accounts focusing on hepatitis.

Here is my top 10 social media selection for hepatitis:

  1. HBV and HCV Advocate’s Hepatitis Blog (blog)
  2. Hepatitis B Foundation – Podcast Directory (podcast)
  3. Inspire – Hepatitis-C Community (community site)
  4. HCV Support (community site)
  5. Global Hepatitis Initiative (Facebook)
  6. Hepatitis Central (Twitter)
  7. Hepatitis Australia (Youtube)
  8. Mayo Clinic – Hepatitis (information resource)
  9. AnswersIn Medicine Hepatitis C (mobile app)
  10. Hepatitis Foundation (Youtube)

And PeRSSonalized Hepatitis, the simplest, free, customizable, multi-lingual medical information aggregator will let you follow these resources easily in a personalized way.

Feel free to share any of these resources and let us know if you think others should be added.