The way I filter information online through crowdsourcing

At the recent Doctors 2.0 and You event in Paris, I gave a keynote about using crowdsourcing in medicine and healthcare. My two main examples were and The Social MEDia Course, but I also mentioned how I let the medical communities I’ve been building for years filter the information for me every single day (and I guess I do the same for them).

The information of over 300 medical journals, news sites and blogs gets into my filter every day and my main 4 communities (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed) help me find only the most important ones. It saves me an incredible amount of time as I don’t have to watch my channels article by article and also gives me a clear picture about which article is important that day which I should read.

It only works because I’ve spent years building these communities, I have relationship based on trust and respect with the majority of the members and followers. I know them, I know how they filter news and as a community, they do an amazing job for me. Again, by sharing relevant news and being active and helpful in the community, I believe I do the same for them.

This is how crowdsourcing should help medical professionals save time and effort by filtering automatically the enormous amount of information every day.

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