The summary of a long exam period

I can’t believe it, but after nearly 50 days of hard learning and 7 exams (gynecology, pulmonology, radiology, pharmacology, preventive medicine, surgery and nephrology), I’m finished! I tried to provide quality content during this long and painful period, so here is a collection of Scienceroll’s best posts from the last 4-5 weeks:

And why you should follow Scienceroll in the summer as well? Here are some reasons:

  • Many posts about personalized genetics and the improvements of clinical genetics
  • Reviews of web 2.0 based sites and communities
  • Interviews with famous medical bloggers
  • Superb editions of Gene Genie, Medicine 2.0 and Mendel’s Garden
  • Images and videos of an exceptional Hungarian medical project (details later)
  • New slideshows about web 2.0 and medicine
  • And the first medical simulations in Second Life

So let the summer begin with hardcore blogging!