The Social MEDia Course: Interview with a Graduate

After the first “student” graduated from The Social MEDia Course, more and more students finish the course. Here is an interview with Előd Koncsag, MD, a pediatrician from Roumania, our newest graduate.

  • Why did you decide to take all the tests? Do you have any experience with social media?

Two years ago I took part in an online connectivism course ( that drew my attention to the potentials of the social media. Since then, I have been following various professional and non-professional sites, including the Mediq page, where I heard about this course. I think using social media is one of the most efficient ways for professional development and self-education – that’s why I  applied for the course.

  • Was it hard to complete any of the tests?

The Basics course was the hardest for me; it’s long enough and contains a lot of information.

  • Which prezi was your favourite one and why?

Education 2.0. Although some other topics may be more elaborated, but, in my opinion, this topic contains the core message of the course. The social media makes lifelong learning easier and more enjoyable.

  • How much time did it take all together to finish the course?

It’s hard to say exactly, the page’s statistics says that I entered 30 times; and spent 1-2 (max. 3) hours reading each time.

  • Do you have any suggestions about improving the course?

1) It seemed to me that the Basics course was quite voluminous and the following test was relatively difficult. I think the first course should be an easier introduction with an easier test, just to raise attention.
2) I would mention somewhere that learning ten fingers typing is a good “investment”, which can be accomplished in a few months.

  • Do you think this course is suitable for introducing medical students and professionals to digital literacy?

There is no doubt that those who complete the course will be well-informed on this subject.