The Mother of the Year

We need to educate laypeople about their own health. It’s the responsibility of medical professionals to educate those who don’t know too much about their own health. Here is a good example:


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What should you watch if you’d like to know more about your own health? Let’s start with some exceptional blogs:

Oh and what is the problem with the picture?

  • Jauniaux E,Burton GJ. : Morphological and biological effects of maternal exposure to tobacco smoke on the feto-placental unit. Early Hum Dev. 2007 Sep 25;

Active and passive maternal smoking has a damaging effect in every trimester of human pregnancy. Cigarette smoke contains scores of toxins which exert a direct effect on the placental and fetal cell proliferation and differentiation and can explain the increased risk of miscarriage, fetal growth restriction (FGR) stillbirth, preterm birth and placental abruption reported by epidemiological studies.

  • Huuskonen P at al: Microarray Analysis of the Global Alterations in the Gene Expression in the Placentas From Cigarette-smoking Mothers. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2007 Oct 10;

On the basis of our results, it seems that cigarette smoke acts as a hormone disrupter in the placenta.