The Genetics of Santa Claus

Let me present a theory that is a bit more realistic than the tale of about the genetics of Santa Claus. I had to make corrections as I’ve found some crucial faults in the interpretation of the genetical facts. The aim is to get results or end up in a publication on Christmas Magic itself.

In normal case, you have 23 pairs of chromosomes, but Santa…. He has 3 more. So what is his karyotype like? 49, XY +H, +R, +A. What do these letters mean? I tell you immediately.

We could say that he has trisomy 24 as these chromosomes are the replications of the so called 24th one. Getting complicated…

  • The first of the additonal chromosomes is known as the “Holly Homolog” – it is curiously shaped akin to a holly leaf, with telomeres that increasingly resemble holly berries with age.
  • The second is known as the “Redemption of Scrooge Homolog” – it resembles, as some say a generously sized turkey, though any similarity is regarded by the scientific community as fanciful.
  • The third and most mysterious is called the “Angel of Christmas Homolog” – it is oddly formed, but of course doesn’t look like the fairy on anybody’s Christmas Tree as that would be daft.

Image source. The karyogram of Santa Claus.

Why is it so important? Just because these chromosomes create the magic of Christmas. Be ready for that. The research is going on and a late publication is about to be published on the 24th of December in the Christmas Tree Edition of Xience Magazine…

If you have additional questions about the genetics of Santa , don’t hesitate. I feel I’m really deep in the topic…