The first medical simulation in Second Life: come and watch!

I’ve written about the Ann Myers Medical Center, a virtual medical training center several times, but now, this month is going to be the most important one in the history of medical education of Second Life. An excerpt from the official blog:

I’m holding a training exercise on the 9th of August around 9 or 10 am SLT (PDT). I’ll present as a heme pt and give you students some clues, including labs…i might even give you an microscopic image, altho this will be a huge clue. You’ll take time to talk as a group and make some decisions as what test to run and about the diagnosis. Last we’ll have a round table type discussion, where I’ll ask you some questions and provide you some answers. Mainly, I want you to interact as colleagues and have some fun…and hopefully learn a few things.

Can you imagine its impact on the future of medical education? I’m a Hungarian medical student, but now I get a chance to learn from physicians from the United Kingdom. It’s a unique possibility! Come and watch!

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