The Best Description of Personalized Medicine

An excerpt from an article at Wired Science with the best description of personalized medicine ever (in red):

After talking about the tricky task of turning genetic variations associated with population-level risks of disease into medically advice useful for a single person sitting in an exam room, the panel was asked whether they’d recommend gene testing for everyone.

“For healthy patients with no family risks for anything, I wouldn’t advise tests for anything,” Lawrence Brody from the NHGRI said. Rosen voiced his own agreement, and Jeffrey Gulcher of DeCode Genetics nodded.

…personalized medicine would be a wonderful thing, but it’s a long ways off. In the meantime, doctors have a tough time with probabilities and the limitations of predictive values. And direct-to-consumer genetic tests are a crock.


It’s an important and hard question. If we shouldn’t test healthy patients, then why they test for cystic fibrosis in almost all the newborns regardless of ethnicity in the US?

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