Teaching Radiology on iPhone

I’ve been writing about Radiopaedia.org, the best radiology wiki managed by Dr Frank Gaillard, for years. And now new teaching files are also available on iPhone. An excerpt from the press release:

Radiopaedia.org is proud to announce the arrival of its iPhone application, ‘Radiology Teaching Files
Version 2.0’.

Radiopeadia.org is the most comprehensive on-line knowledge-sharing tool and learning resource for
the global radiology community.

As an extension of this mission, Radiopaedia’s Radiology Teaching File now available as an iPhone
application, provides access to this global knowledge bank anytime, anyplace, from the convenience of
their iPhone. The app, like the Radiopaedia.org website, includes comprehensive discussion and sample
reports and links to additional online content.

Here are some screenshots that give you a glimpse about how it actually works.