Teaching Older Physicians About Social Media

Yesterday, I gave a talk at the Congress of the National Society of Cardiology and the president of the Society had some interesting questions after my talk. Basically, I presented many ways and examples of medical professionals using social media in an efficient and safe way. He asked me about what he should do now as a 55 years old physician. Is there a way he could learn about social media?

And luckily, there is a great way to help him get through the most important aspects of social media from the physician’s perspective.

The Social MEDia Course, a free online course with 16 Prezi.com formatted presentations, badges and tests. I hope he will enjoy it.

He also noted that he doesn’t have hours a day to use the internet, as he thought that’s comes with using social media. I told him he could save hours a week by using a few social media resources to keep himself up-to-date, interact with colleagues and crowdsource. So using it saves time and efforts!