Talk To a Doctor Now: Online!

Even if it’s really dangerous to give medical advice online, sometimes we want to just talk to a doctor about our medical problems. Now we can do it at Americal Well:

American Well™ is a new healthcare marketplace where consumers and physicians can come together online, to acquire and provide convenient and immediate healthcare services. Using the latest technologies in Web communications and digital telephony, the Company extends traditional healthcare services to the home setting. American Well is committed to supporting health plans in meeting consumer and employer demand for affordable, efficient, and immediate access to quality care.


Let’s see how it works:

  1. Register.
  2. Find a doctor (a specialist, e.g.).
  3. Connect him/her via the web; leave a voice message or schedule an appointment.
  4. Tell him/her about your medical history (medications, diagnoses, allergies).
  5. Send a copy to your regular physician.

This is a step that has to be made to get closer to the future of healthcare. I know not all of us will like a service of this kind, but for example me, I would like to be able to talk to my doctor online.

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