Artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, organs-on-chips, and bioprinting open new horizons for pharma. Let’s peek into the future of drug production with a short story of Brian Mahony and read about what we need to reach such a future in The Medical Futurist’s latest e-book entitled Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma.

Blockchain already earned the buzzword of the year award, so it is high time to address the elephant in the room. Is it really there? If it is, will it really change everything? How will it impact healthcare?

A new digital pain reduction kit was designed in a partnership between Samsung Health, the German pharma giant, Bayer, healthcare start-up appliedVR, the Travelers insurance company and the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, announced Dr. Brennan Spiegel. The set will be tested in a randomized trial to reduce opioids and speed up the return to work […]


4+4 Books to Read on Holiday – Not Only for Sci-fi Fanatics and Futurists

Summer reads are usually as light as a glass of Italian prosecco at a Roman garden party. You pick them up on vacation heading to the beach or after a long walk in a sunny strange and new city. But if you think you would feel like missing your best friend if you started your holiday without a science or science fiction book, check out my summer reading list!

Medical Science Fiction

January, 2035: The First Designer Baby Brought To Life

I write short science fiction stories to raise awareness about the massive ethical issues we will have to face when disruptive technologies show their full potential. This way, people can get scared, excited or just initiate discussions about how to prepare for the coming changes in health, disease and life.

Medical Science Fiction

HEREDestiny (Science Fiction Short Story)

A story about what our DNA predestines us to be or not to be. What does the code of life mean for us?

Medical Science Fiction

Artificial Decisions (Science Fiction Short Story)

She stared at the holographic screen of her personal communicator. Her future husband was chosen for her. Not by her parents like in some religious countries in the old days. But by Omega, the artificial intelligence algorithm directing the world. It takes every tiny detail into consideration and makes an advantageous decision for everyone. It is the most advanced system ever developed, even more so than our brains. Moreover, it has already started developing itself further.