Support for ‘Bald Barbie’ Campaign on Facebook

A Facebook campaign was launched a few weeks ago in order to urge Mattel to produce a bald version of its Barbie doll that will help children with cancer and others who have lost their hair due to illness cope with their conditions while playing. An excerpt from a recent article:

“We hope it gets the message out that being bald is beautiful and is no big deal.  There’s no need to cover up,” she said.

Sypin’s own daughter is one of those children.  The 12-year-old, named Kin Inich, lost her hair after chemotherapy.

Even though her daughter isn’t a huge Barbie fan, Sypin said she is excited about the idea.

“She said if they make one, she would totally get it,” Sypin said.  “The first thing she said was if they make that doll, she would buy a bunch and take them to a children’s hospital and give them to children with cancer.”

Here is the Facebook page on which you can support this great idea!