Social Search Makes It Easier

Do you remember Personas that visualizes the map of your online presence? Here is a better solution. From one point of view, it’s great to have such a useful tool as Google Social Search. A short video about what it is and how it works.

Social Search taps into a user’s social network profiles and displays relevant links and status updates that members of a user’s own social network have shared at the bottom of the default search results page. According to Google, Social Search will enhance the search experience on Google by providing users with more personally relevant search results.

From another point of view, it becomes even easier to find inappropriate content about us online. We know medical students sometimes breach patient privacy on Twitter, Facebook. We know doctors sometimes get sued because of their blogs. I think it’s not their fault. I think this crucial issue must be included in medical education. For example, in my “Medicine and Web 2.0” university credit course, there is a slideshow dedicated to the topic (how to avoid such issues).

We have to let doctors and students know about it. And not for the reason that patients will find these pieces of information easier from now via Google Social Search.