Social Media in Clinical Practice: Chapter 6, Establishing a Medical Blog

When I realized Springer made the individual chapters of my book, Social Media in Clinical Practice, available, I thought it would be useful for future readers to get some insights about each chapter one by one.

Here is the short summary of what you can read about and an excerpt of the sixth chapter, Establishing a Medical Blog:

Social media brought a new concept into the online world as users became able to contribute content to websites. One of the first platforms that made this possible was called a blog. A blog is a website with regular entries of commentary or other materials such as graphics or video displayed in a reverse chronological order. The term blog was first used by Jorn Barger in 1997 from the words we – blog or web – log.

 Topics covered:
  • The anatomy of a medical blog
  • The types of blogs
  • The way of citing medical blogs in medical papers
  • The Medical Blogosphere
  • Examples of different kinds of medical blogs
  • Reasons to Write a Blog
  • Positive and negative stories
  • The 7 basic types of bloggers
  • Steps to Make Before Launching a New Medical Blog
  • The four easy steps of creating a new blog
  • Tips and Tricks About Making a Better Blog
  • The Future of Blogging


Chapters that have already been covered: