Social Media in Clinical Practice: Chapter 2, Medical Search Engines and Google

When I realized Springer made the individual chapters of my book, Social Media in Clinical Practice, available, I thought it would be useful for future readers to get some insights about each chapter one by one.

Here is the short summary of what you can read about, and an excerpt of the second chapter, Using Medical Search Engines with a Special Focus on Google:

There are billions of pages on the World Wide Web and search engines help us find the information we are looking for. Having so many pages with a huge amount of information online is the biggest advantage and disadvantage of the Internet at the same time. Instead of manually browsing the websites, search engines point us to the pages that contain the key words we are looking for.

Topics covered:

  • How Do Search Engines Work?
  • The Short History of Search Engines
  • The Basics of Searching Online
  • Search operators in
  • What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • How to Get Better at Searching Online?
  • Search Engines in Medicine and Research
  • Third-Party Pubmed Tools
  • Google Scholar
  • WolframAlpha
  • Additional search operators that could be used in Google
  • Scholar as well
  • Examples of medical search queries on WolframAlpha