Social Media in Clinical Practice: Chapter 11, Medical Smartphone and Tablet Applications

When I realized Springer made the individual chapters of my book, Social Media in Clinical Practice, available, I thought it would be useful for future readers to get some insights about each chapter one by one.

Here is the short summary of what you can read about and an excerpt of the eleventh chapter, Medical Smartphone and Tablet Applications:

There are approximately four billion mobile phones in the world, out of which 1.08 billion are smartphones. It is estimated that mobile Internet should take over desktop Internet usage by 2014. In 2012, 31 % of cell phone users used their phone to look for health information in the US, while this number was 17 % in 2010.Examples of Using Second Life in Medicine

  • Main Differences Among Mobile Operating Systems
  • Resources and databases of medical smartphone applications
  • Medical Smartphone Applications
  • Features to be checked before choosing a smartphone application
  • Smartphone Apps for Consumers
  • Smartphone Apps for Medical Professionals
  • Tablets in Medicine
  • Potential Uses of Mobile Technology in Healthcare


Chapters that have already been covered: