Soccer therapy

After a successful traumatology exam, I’m back in business. Newsweek has an article on an interesting subject which is really close to my heart. Psychiatrists use soccer as a therapy for mental illnesses. (Of course, we’re talking about an Italian project, what else.) They’ve been using it in the treatment of depression, schizophrenia, multiple-personality disorders and bipolar disorder. Dr. Santo Rullo, a psychiatrist who has used soccer therapy as part of a treatment program for more than 600 men over the last 14 years, says

In the beginning, it didn’t matter what time of day we scheduled games. But now so many patients are back at work or have other social obligations, we need to work around schedules.

Since soccer is such a part of our national culture, it is a natural way to help our patients touch base with their core and their backgrounds. It gives them a sense of balance.

Ladies, don’t worry, for female patients, they have had the same success with bowling.

I’ve tried to find articles, publications on soccer therapy, but Pubmed doesn’t show any good results. Evidence-based medicine, ha? There is no evidence for that, but it works! And that’s the most important point…

Photo:Julian Athos Caggiano (Courtesy of Newsweek)