What About Microsoft’s New Community Site?

It seems we are having more and more community sites these days. Google+ (which can be quite useful in healthcare anyway), then Pinterest and now, the community site of Microsoft. I liked the name (even if they had to register a domain name of Chile for that), but I’m wondering whether it could be used in medical communication at all.

Now it looks like a playground for the search engine, but nothing more. According to Technorati:

Microsoft’s, pronounced “Social” is a product of Microsoft’s research lab Fuselabs. The site offers enhanced features such as Explore, Feed, Post, Video Parties and the ability to share any web content.

It looks like Microsoft has indeed created its own social network to compete with the likes of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. The timing of the launch is perfect, since Microsoft silently launched two days after Facebook became a public company.

Do you think it has a momentum in the healthcare space?