Second Life in Medicine? Yes!

CNN Report covered a story I covered 8 months ago. Imperial College of London has established a unique Second Life presence and they are teaching students in the virtual environment. An excerpt from the CNN report:

At Imperial College London, medical students navigate a full-service hospital where they see patients, order X-rays, consult with colleagues and make diagnoses. An avatar approaches a virtual patient in a hospital inside the online world Second Life.

It’s an interactive, hands-on learning experience — and none of it is real.

These prospective doctors are treating virtual patients in Second Life, the Internet world where users interact through online alter egos called avatars. The third-year med students are taking part in a pilot program for game-based learning, which educators believe can be a stimulating change from lectures and textbooks.

If you want to see more practical examples, take a look at TidalBlog and see how Second Life can be used in biochemistry, genomics or microbiology.


CNN asks the question whether Second Life can be used in medicine. I’ve been trying answer it for years: