SciFoo lives on: in Second Life

I’ve already told you how hard it was to be far away from the Science Foo Camp, a unique scientific/geek event:

Nature is therefore delighted to be collaborating with O’Reilly to organise the second annual Science Foo Camp, which is being very generously hosted by Google. About 200 leading scientists, technologists, writers and other thought-leaders will be gathering for a weekend of discussion, demonstration and debate.

But now, thanks to Second Life, it lives on as Session on Tools for Open Science. Jean-Claude Bradley was so kind to invite me for today’s meeting, it was a fascinating experience to meet many people interested in open science and science 2.0.


Here is a short summary about what I’ve heard there. You could also read Jean-Claude’s post which contains the full transcript of the discussion.

  • Jean-Claude Bradley talked about the Open Notebook Science project. Here you can read his presentation. Open Notebook Science means that your lab notebook is public. Jean-Claude demonstrated that his students maintain an own wiki for tracking their experiments.



  • Emile Petrone talked about, a knowledge community for researchers to connect, communicate and collaborate. Currently, they’re in beta version, but have really great goals.


  • An NPG guy, Ian Mulvany expressed his opinion on Connotea, a free online reference management service for all researchers, clinicians and scientists. He said we can find now many useful tools on their site, but most of these require Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension.


I’d like to take serious part in organizing the next session about Medicine 2.0. I hope that Jean-Claude will like this idea. Anyway, we all agreed that the most we can do now is to discuss these points and support each other in getting closer to a world ruled by open science.