is 5 years old!

Today my blog,, is 5 years old! I’m very happy and satisfied I didn’t stop blogging even when I had many exams, several parallel projects, hard periods in my life or even New Year’s Eve, it didn’t matter as I always kept on blogging. Once I described my 3 rules for blogging: 1) commitment, 2) openness and 3) consistency, I try to live up to all of these.

Blogging became a part of my everyday routine and now plays a major role in my professional life. I launched it in 2006 as a medical student and now I write the entries every day as a physician and researcher running as well. I’ve received many speaker invitations and I’ve made a lot of new contacts just because I have

A few numbers on this long journey:

  • I have been blogging for 1829 days.
  • I wrote 2427 blog posts.
  • Received 10,699 comments.
  • WordPress has filtered 991,225 spam comments.
  • Had over 2,2 million visitors.

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I know there are bloggers who left blogging for microblogging or other platforms, but I still believe that my online CV and my main platform on the web is this blog and plan to keep on blogging for a long long time.

Thank you very much for reading day by day, I hope you stay with me for many more years!