Science 2.0: New Community Site

I’ve recently come across Science 2.0, a new community site that doesn’t want to become a Facebook for scientists, but something different. Here is what Mark Hahnel, the founder, had in mind:

As you know, Science 2.0 is based on real time news and comments, which the users provide. Obviously, places like friend feed do exist and I don’t wish to take anything away from it. The idea of this place though, is a fluid evolving site, where users can suggest, edit or contribute in any way they wish. I’d really like to hear suggestions on what people would like to see, how we can answer the questions that science 2.0 poses collectively. I only started the site last week but the response has been great and the site has evolved quite a lot in a week due to user suggestions. There are several things I am working on in to develop the site, at the forefront of my mind is wikis.

Now it’s added to the extended list of Community Sites for Scientists and Physicians.