Ruckus Nation: An Online Idea Competition to Get Kids Moving

I’ve told you how much I admire Hopelab, a non-profit organization, for several times. After the Re-Mission game which helps children fighting cancer, here is their new project, Ruckus Nation. This competition is about to find great ideas for new products that will get kids moving. They have already accepted many submissions as contestants range in age from 9 to 76, representing 43 countries and 40 U.S. states. You can register here.

According to their latest announcement:

Based on feedback from participants, the contestant registration deadline has been moved to November 20 to coincide with the deadline for submitting Ruckus Nation entries. The two separate deadlines were confusing to some people, so we’ve simplified things. The Ruckus Nation contestant registration deadline is now November 20, the same day as the deadline to submit your idea. All other deadlines are the same.

Key Dates and Deadlines:
November 5 – Early entry deadline
November 20 – Contestant registration closes, deadline for entries
November 27 – Judge registration closes


If you’re not entering as a contestant, you can become a judge as they’re looking for people of all ages, from a variety of backgrounds and with diverse expertise, to help them select the most promising product ideas.

Have I mentioned that you can win 75,000$?

Here’s a video of a Ruckus Nation promotion by a company called Reatrix which has partnered with HopeLab (pdf):

You should also check out the Physical Activity Research Summary which documents a lot of the research Hopelab did which led them to the path they’re on with Ruckus Nation and their ultimate goals for helping with childhood obesity.

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